Billow ADV - Redesigned for Sony MDR-Z1R
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This Billow ADV is available only 8-wires, which is redesigned and retuned specifically for the Sony MDR-Z1R for studio use. It will be 1.6 meters by default. When checking out, just choose the appropriate plug option would be fine. If you want something special or even get a redesigned version of our Billow ADV for your favorite studio headphones, don't hesitant to ask.

When we were trying to improve our Billow, we wanted it to be better at any price. We utilized the original Billow and prototypes of Billow ADV with many reference equipment in studios and decided to use not only our previous compounds, but also new elements into the alloy for the thread material of Billow ADV. Now, the new Billow ADV fits better into monitoring use with new alloy and innovative mixture for its soldering material after many attempts and experiments.

Our new alloy improved conductivity in frequencies that are sensitive to the human ear, which results in the amazing separation in details and its wide soundstage. This means no matter how demanding the track is, Billow ADV can handle and playback the signals perfectly without muddled overlaps and unnecessary interference. This makes the Billow ADV perfect for monitoring and sound mixing. Comparing it with the original Billow, the soundstage of ADV is much wider with absolutely black background that makes you feel your music has unreachable depth.

Due to the limited availability of cable material, the Billow ADV is limited at 200 sets. Each cable will have its serial number engraved on the warranty card.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $4,599.00
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