Billow - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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It is definitely not an easy task to write this description as the sonic performance of the Billow is ineffable, and we feel the effort is definitely worthwhile even though it has taken us around one year to develop this new flagship cable. The Billow is the first cable in our products to use gold alloy as thread material. Sparing no cost and effort in its ingredients and design, we took advantage of the most expensive material and the best cutting-edge technologies. Of course, we did not simply throw gold, silver and other metal ores into a melting pot at random. Repeated trials were conducted with the aid of knowledge in metallurgy for producing these beautiful cables in terms of both appearance and sound. The performance in all frequency ranges is spectacular without any interfering from neighboring frequencies. This means that the Billow can accurately conduct all signals in the original records regardless of how high quality the sound tracks are. Due to production difficulties, the Billow is only available in limited quantities, which is unfortunate because not everyone has a chance to get their Billow for the ultimate listening experience.

Customers have been asking us why do we call it the Billow. I feel this question is worth answering. The Chinese name of this cable is called 金澜, where 金 means "gold" and 澜 loosely translates to "big wave". This name has good meaning because the feeling of "big wave of gold" coming at you, just like the sound of music, and it also sounds very cool in Chinese. However, there is no direct translation in English, but "billow" is the closest word we can find although it loses the gold part, which we believe is obvious from its look. As you guys already know, "billow" means big wave, which is very spectacular, so it can describe the "wow" effect of the cable's sound.

Moreover, some customers were asking us about why the Billow is what it is, and how it came about. In fact, we have put some great innovations and technology into this cable from our previous experience. There are three key points we learned from previous models and used them on Billow:

No. 1: Metallurgy. When we were designing the Signal, which is made of a special metal alloy, we used silver, copper and some rare minerals (around 3%). Imagine putting a bunch of basketballs together in a large box. There would be lots of empty spaces among them. To fill in these empty spaces, we can use smaller balls, and then even smaller balls to fill the remaining gap. Analogically, the same concept holds true for the molecular structures of our metal alloy, which is very stable and special for better conductivity and tuning. However, due to budget constrain, although Signal is a fine cable, it is not the best we can do. For the Billow, we are using a much more costly and complex procedure with different steps of purification and alloying, using gold, silver, copper and other rare minerals to achieve the best tuning we can do.

No. 2: Thread design. Our Oslo III has a design that we call coaxial conductivity, meaning materials are wrapping around each other rather than the traditional twisting design. Billow uses small threads to form bigger threads, and then uses bigger threads to form the final threads, which is a hybrid of coaxial and traditional conductive thread braiding methods. This makes the contacting surface area about 300% more, which greatly improves conductivity.

No. 3: Isolating sleeve. We are using the same isolating outer sleeve as the ever-popular Prima Donna to ensure the Billow to be soft and flexible while being nicely-isolated from outside interference. To achieve this, the sleeve material has been highly pressurized, which is quite expensive to do, to form a denser molecular structure, and this also minimizes the unwanted rubbing noises while moving.

The Billow is available for JH Siren series In-Ear Monitors as well. In that case, it will have eight threads to accommodate the bass tuner instead of four, so the price is also more expensive. The last picture shows a JH Layla with our Billow.

Now, we are also offering the 8-wire Billow as an option for our earphone lovers.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $1,899.00
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Audeze LCD i4 with Billow
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Here's a Headfi link of the review:

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By the pictures, you’ll see that the Billow + i4 combo is really pleasing to the eye (to me at least). It actually feels more appropriate than the stock cable color wise. And if gold color is your thing, I guess with the Sony 1Z or the future DX200 gold plated edition, you’ve got some serious opportunity to look like the real pimp! Haha. :D
Anyway, for those who wonder how does this pairing sounds, well... in one word I’d say MAJESTIC!
Just can’t believe portable gears could sound so great. To me that is the best truely portable pairing that I tried so far. It ticks all the boxes for me. The only little down side would be the isolation of the i4 in some situations, but most of the time I find it to a pro much more often than a con. That’s a pro while walking in the street, riding bicycle, at work,... that’s a con while in the subway, bus or plane, but most universal iems are only barely improving on that matter anyways, and I’m not necessarily searching for the ultimate listening experience in those circumstances...

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