Emerald - Beat Audio Premium Headphone Upgrade Cable
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At the very beginning, the upgrade cable market mainly offered cables with high purity materials for attracting customers with good-looking technical specifications. However, pretty numbers does not translate to a stunning listening experience. The first major change was the use of silver coating on copper cores to bring the best of both materials. Beat Audio then lead the way of using alloys as a better way to integrate the characteristics of different materials in changing sound signatures for the better. Our alloy philosophy and technology has been proven successful in cables such as the Signal and the Prima Donna by mixing high purity silver with rare minerals. Now, the Emerald is the pinnacle of the newest generation technology where silver and copper are not coated nor mixed with each other, but compressed together. The compression of high purity materials brought revolutionary acoustic effects, and its clarity and power were not possible before.

Of course, material is not everything when determining the sound of a cable. Apart from the innovative compression technology, the isolation and soldering of this cable were carefully designed as well. Moreover, the build of Emerald is the same bullet-proof toughness as all of our cables.

Originally, the name “Emerald” came from the beautiful green color of its isolating sheath. For those who want a fancier design, we are offering black and green mixed designs for an interesting twist.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

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Price: $499.00
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