Oslo III - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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We had the serious looking Oslo II in black. However, any cable can be made black, which is simply too common for IEM cables. From the popularity of our Silversonic MKV, Supernova, and Prima Donna, we learned that our customers love silver looking cables! Therefore, for our Oslo III, we made it silver to have a superior shinny finish for that high-class look. Why does it look so beautiful? If we simply use the material to make the cable without any polishing, the surface of the cable material would have lots of small bumps, making it not smooth. To treat this rugged surface, we used an expensive polishing technique to make sure the surface of the threads to be extremely smooth, and that brings better and smoother conductivity. There is actually no film applied, and you are looking directly at the polished silver layer of the cable material though the translucent sleeve.

Of course, to improve upon its predecessor, Oslo III is not only different from the Oslo II by its appearance. The amount of threads in Oslo III is doubled comparing to Oslo II. By doing so, the Oslo III can achieve greater conductivity for an overwhelming listening experience that couldn't be done with the previous model. With more threads, we can improve the depth of bass, the wideness of sound stage, etc., which cannot be done without improving conductivity. I believe it is also important to mention that the Oslo III is a lot softer than the Oslo II. This flexibility will ensure a great portable experience while moving around in town.

Here's our description for the Oslo II: This used to be the best cable of what Beat Audio offers. Superb good quality, serious black appearance, best quality material, and the most advanced technology went into making this Oslo II. We had the Cronus as our flagship, and we did the miracle to achieve something even better. Previously, we had our Oslo, which was then further improved to what you are seeing today. Customers wondered how much better this high end cable can improve upon their current cable. Well, those who switched to the Oslo II from Cronus reported significant improvement! Is it worth its price tag? If you want the best sound and best build quality, the Oslo II is definitely on your list for audiophile quality aftermarket upgrade cables for your beloved earphones and in-ear monitors!

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

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Price: $599.00
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I use this cable with Edition 5 unlimited and Edition 8 Julia

I'm not good at English. I write a review with Japanese, my native language. However, I try to write in English.
It is probably incorrect.

I always use Oslo III with Edition 5 unlimited and Edition 8 Julia.
Those socket type is MMCX, but It is stable.
The sound is very good than accessory cable.

If you use Edition 8 the outdoors, you might pay attention to disconnection.

I think it is worth to pay more money for this cable, Oslo III. I'm extremely satisfied with my decision.

Oslo IIIのShureコネクタ(MMCX)を購入しました。イヤホン用の規格ではありますがultrasoneのedition5 unlimitedとedition8で利用できました。取り回しはALOのSXC24等と比較して良いですが、外で使用する場合は断線や折れに注意が必要です。



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