Prima Donna - Beat Audio Premium Headphone Upgrade Cable
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Now, we are offering our most popular high-end cable for headphone users. When we were designing our Prima Donna, we wanted to have a cable that goes well with earphones, headphones and even speakers. When we released our Prima Donna for in-ear monitors, the feedback from customers is extremely positive. Now, due to demand from headphone users, we are now offering this as a standard headphone upgrade cable product.

Here's a description of Prima Donna: Yes, we surpassed ourselves once again. Please do not be misled by the meaning of its name, Prima Donna. This is not a vocal focused cable. We named this cable to be the lead of our product line, just like a drama has its prima donna. Then, does this cable perform well for female vocal? Of course it does, and equally amazing for all frequency ranges across different music genres. From the look of this upgrade cable, one can guess it is a silver sounding cable. In fact, it uses our original silver alloy, which harmonizes the best quality silver with the just the right amount of rare metals to bring the best sound available.

From the pictures, one can see it is quite thick, but it is amazingly soft for comfortable use. This soft braided design also decreases microphonic issues to a minimum degree for the uncompromising experience on the road.

The standard Prima Donna comes with a 4-wire design, meaning four wires are braided together to make one cable. However, to meet the expectation of audiophiles with top of the line headphones, we are offering a 8-wire design, which means you get double the number of threads! Although the 8-wire design is thicker for obvious reasons, the cable still feels amazingly soft and flexible.

The first 8 pictures are showing the 8-wire version of the Prima Donna, and the last 4 pictures are the 4-wire version.

For reviews, please check out the Prima Donna page of the IEM upgrade cable section.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

The default length of our headphone cables is around 1.5 meters. If you need any special lengths or extensions, please email us for more discussion.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $799.00
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