Signal MKII - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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The Signal MKII seems like a dull grey cable, but we put a lot of our effort in this new generation of Signal in terms of all aspects. The original Signal was one of our first cables that uses the alloy design by smelting copper and silver together instead of using silver plated copper, which was a very common design. The Signal MKII replaces the original formula with silver and copper of higher purity and then pulls the alloy into ultra-thin threads using state-of-the-art technology to greatly improve its acoustic performance and suppleness. The Signal MKII now becomes one of our softness cables that we have ever made, and we doubt we can make it even softer without sacrificing the number of threads in the cable.

With the implementation of higher purity material, sound stage, separation, details and clarity have been greatly improved. The listen experience is now much more dynamic than before. Each note feels more vivid while the background remains dark and clear, which is even more obvious when listening to more complex arrangement in the music, for example, grand orchestral tracks. Bass wise, the second generation allows heavier punches with better texture while maintaining the speed of bass from the original Signal. The new Signal MKII also have better treble extension thanks to the new alloy.

Some may wonder why the MKII is grey. The original Signal actually had three colors, green, orange and purple. For the sake of standardization, we added black sheath over the colorful cores to hide its playful personality, which makes customers think Signal is just a boring black cable. We wanted to upgrade the Signal in terms of design as well, and we felt grey is a color of higher class than the usual black. At the same time, grey is still a monochrome color that can be easily matched with any earphone without too much contrast.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $379.00
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First review of 'Signal'? Top notch!
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This cable is absolutely worth its price! The plug is of the size that seats nicely into my iphone case. The cable, while being the softest and lightest of all that I've tried, is definitely nothing wimpy. The sockets feel substantial, true quality of pure handmade cable!

Excellent service, best build in the market.
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I have tried most cable companies and will not name them all. I feel once you use good material, cables do not make much of a difference sound wise. So what is important is build quality, aesthetics, and ergonomics. And in these respects, Best Audio cables are the best bar none. No one comes close, and all other cables appear to be DIY-like in comparison. The signal cable seems completely transparent sound wise, is solid and flexible and has absolutely gorgeous finish. I will be getting most or all my cables here from now on.

PS: I have the version with a sheath in black.

Excellent high-end cable, with great looks
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* The following review is for the version of the Signal cable that has an outer sleeve on top of the main cable braid, same as the Japanese release version. Cable ergonomics (especially regarding softness and flexibility) will be different compared to the official non-sleeved version of Signal. I chose the sleeved version of Signal due to ease of cleaning, and partly for added durability.

I will not go into detail regarding the "sound" of the cable nor the effect (if any) of the cable material (silver plus rare metal alloy). The cable sounds quite clear, and is free of any strange colorations in the sound. It compares well with other high-end cables from other manufacturers. The sleeved version of Signal suffers from only minor touch noise.

Unlike previous Beat Audio cables, the Signal can be configured to come in a variety of colors, including orange, green, purple. It is also available in black, for those who want a less flashy-looking cable. Also, it can be further configured with and without the outer sleeve to prioritize either looks/ergonomics or durability. I have the black version of the Signal and it is a sweet looking cable, perfectly matching the smoke-gray shells of my CIEMS. The cable is not completely in one color however, the IEM connector barrels and Y-splitter portion are slightly different shades of gunmetal, and provide a nice color accent. Considering all aspects of the cable, the Signal is currently the best-looking of my third-party cables.

The Signal does quite well here, having a manageable thickness and with excellent flexibility (for the non-sleeved version). The part of the cable below the Y-splitter is quad-braided like the Vermillion, allowing greater flexibility compared to earlier Beat Audio models. The Signal is also much thinner than the Supernova, which was a bit stiff and hard to handle. The sleeved version of Signal is a bit stiffer, and while this helps prevent tangling, it also gives the cable a sometimes unwanted tendency to straighten itself when even just slightly curled. The non-sleeved version of Signal does not have this issue. The pre-bent "memory-wire" area of the cable near the IEM connectors is the same as other Beat Audio models, and may take a week or two to conform to a comfortable shape. The plug connector is nice and compact, and supports use of cases with portable DAPs.

Build Quality:
Excellent all-around, with good strain reliefs. However, the quality of the heat-shrink slider was a bit of a disappointment, using the same material as the Y-splitter would have improved both slider looks and durability.

Best build quality on the market with astonishing sound
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With many different companies out there making their version of IEM cables it’s tough to know which to go with. I’m using the Unique Melody Merlin’s and I have tried out several well-known cables and have yet to find one that even compares to what you will get with your Beat Audio cable.

Sound is different from person to person in what they like but I will say that the most important aspects that someone is looking for its clarity and crispness. The Signal is very well balanced compared to many other cables I’ve ran across or tested. I guarantee if you’re in the market for a good sounding cable the Signal won’t disappoint you. The soft feel of the cable (sleeveless version) helps minimize cable noise when moving around. I run and workout with mine and have no issue.

Although this won’t have any effect on how the cable functions, I find this to be a major factor for me when deciding what cable to get. As I have mentioned I have used other well-known companies and the way their cables are built look very cheap and homemade. Beat Audio makes a very stylish looking cable no matter what color that will make your IEMs stand out giving them a very elegant look. The connectors used make the cable look very nice and clean. The metal caps give it just that extra edge that I’m always looking for in a product.

Build Quality:
There’s only so much I can say without you just trying these cables out for yourself, but this is by far the best built cable I’ve seen available to this day. If you are to run into any trouble Stephen has given me some of the best customer servers I have ever run across. I’ve worked with him for the past few years now and at this point I won’t be trying out other cables from anyone else. I had order one (Very popular company which I won’t name) for my UM Merlin’s and they sent me a cable where the sockets wouldn’t seat deep enough in my IEM sockets. After sending it back for them to fix they had taken a knife to the socket plug stripping away some of the plastic so it would wedge down into the IEM. Not only did it look hideous but it was damaging my IEM sockets. This was their fix to keep my IEMs from falling off the cable. Not sure how others use their IEMs but I do pull them out and hang them from my ears when I’m talking cause as you know you won’t hear anyone with them in. I need the socket to hold the IEM so it won’t fall and break. Beats Audio cable has always plugged right in and stayed in nice and snug. Maybe not a big deal to many but it just shows a bit more of the quality and care some people put into a cable that cost you a few bills.

Thanks again Stephen for all the great service!

Great sounding cable

First time purchasing a customized cable for my earphones. Really appreciate how Stephen answered my queries, and the cable really did make a difference in the sound. The build is also great, and it feels comfortable on my ears.

So glad that I made the right purchase. With the lightning cable plug, I can ditch away the lousy connector that came with my iPhone. Just hoping that Apple doesn't change the lightning port to something else again 😅


Signal conductors are made from high purity silver with adding mixture of rare metals to achieve best performance to conduct signal from your player in to your earphones. SIGNAL is four braided cable in black plastic sleeve. Cable is very soft, flexible with no any inclination to tangle at all. Both termination are custom made under BA brand and they are made perfectly without any visible flows. Generally is quality of processing one of highest I ever seen. Another good news is that cable not suffer from noise, collected by its sleeve. BA are not using memory wire, but ear guide is pre-shaped and is stiffened by another plastic transparent sleeve. In fact, this is way more comfortable and fit is very safe. Y split is simple, it is only small cylinder with brand logo

Signal is surely a high quality cable which does provide decent sound improvement. It has very open sound, with wide sound stage and very decent resolution. Signal adds to all of that impact on low end and sparkle on top end, overall sound is richer and vivid compare to many stock cables. Signal fulfilled my expectation and give to my CA Ei.3 more liveliness and airiness and made the bass more cultivated and precise.

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