Silversonic MKVI - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cables
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Please welcome out sixth generation of our ever popular Silversonic cable. The MKV was quite popular with its cost-performance and silver appearance, but a few of our beloved customers were complaining about its rigidity. To them, I would always tell them to get other models that are much softer but much more expensive. So, I thought to myself why can't our entry model, Silversonic, be soft? Well, it can be, and now it becomes one of the softest cables that we have ever made! We achieved this with our patent-pending sleeve material that we are using on our top of the line cables. As for its material, this generation continues the classic silver-plating OFC for its well-praised acoustic performance. For customers shopping for a solidly built IEM upgrade cable with a budget, I would wholeheartedly recommend our MKVI. Of course, it comes with our pre-shaped ear bent, tangle-free braiding design and bullet-proof build quality just like any other Beat Audio cable.

It is available in both 4-wire and 8-wire versions. I got to say that the 8-wire version feels amazingly soft even though it's an 8-wire cable.

Some may be curious as to why the Silversonic MKVI is no longer silver. That's because many cables on the market are now silver, and even we have some models that are in silver. The inspiration for this blueish violet color comes from CGI in sci-fi movies for super-fast movement. As we all know, blue-violet has the shortest wavelength in the visible spectrum, so it does make sense to use this to represent sonic speed.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $199.00
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Excellent all around (Review of MKV)
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I bought this cable with a 3.5 balanced termination to run with my Pono player and 1964 Ears V6 Stage. The build quality is outstanding and the sound quality is excellent. Customer service is first rate!!

Silver Sonic MKV - Great Product

I bought the Silver Sonic MKV cable to go with my Sennheiser IE80’s and Sony ZX2. I ordered this cable with a right-angle TRRS plug.

The Silver Sonic MKV cable is simply awesome. The quality of workmanship exceeded my expectations and the materials are of high quality.

I just couldn't be happier with the performance, fit and finish. Recommended.

Good Quality (Review of MKV)

I bought a year ago for my Shure SE846 and Astell&Kern AK70.
This is high quality cable, and its a little bit better than stock Shure cable.

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