Supernova MKII - Beat Audio Premium Headphone Upgrade Cable
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Supernova has been a popular choice for its beautiful appearance and acoustic performance, but it needs an update after so long. We had several attempts of modification, but they were not satisfactory by our standards, so we decided to try something new instead of modifying the original cable. For our Supernova MKII, the main conductive threads are now multi-polished instead of single-polished, and that increased effective conductive surface area by 8 times. We achieved this by replacing the previous single silver-over-copper core thread with 30 thinner ones. To stabilize these 30 threads, we did two adjustments. Firstly, there is a nylon thread core in the middle to minimize vibrations and increase tensile strength. Secondly, a buffering sheath is wrapping around the 30 conductive threads for better signal isolation. The concept of the spiral isolating sheath from the original Supernova has been kept and is updated to high-purity silver with an improved spiral pattern. The extremely thin silver sheath from the sonic punch machine is wrapping around the thread core in a perfect centrifugal pattern to ensure the inner core to conduct any signal at any frequency with great accuracy, presenting all the small details in your music. It is also interesting to mention that the silver sheath is also conducting signals, and that helps more information to be carried through the cable. With all the improvements mentioned above, sound stage and detail analysis are improved by around 300% from that of the original Supernova. Last but not least, the transparent isolating sleeve of Supernova MKII is carried over from our Billow and Prima Donna to ensure elastic inertness to reduce minute vibrations and rubbing noises while moving.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

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Price: $249.00
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