Vermilion MKII - Beat Audio Premium Upgrade Cable
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Our first-generation Vermilion was a success with its warm copper sound and its red beauty, and surpassing it took us six years. Its successor, Vermilion MKII, uses our advanced metallurgic technology of smelting high purity single crystal copper with other elements to create a special copper-based alloy in which all particles are equally distributed for the best acoustic properties. A special tube is then wrapped around dozens of these alloy threads for stability and isolation from outside atmosphere. However, that’s not all. Single crystal copper was being compressed by tons of pressure into tape-like sheaths that wraps around the core in a spiral pattern for additional signal conduction, similar to the silver spiral sheath found in our Supernova MKII. This spiral copper layer creates a soft and warm effect to reduce the peaks and sibilants in your soundtracks as well as a more natural and larger soundstage comparing to the first generation. Why are we doing all these work with the Vermilion MKII? The inspiration comes from sound of vinyl records, and we believe that we achieved it in this Vermilion MKII.

The outmost layer uses the same ultra-soft sheath material as our other cables such as the Billow and the Prima Donna. This time, the sheath is not clear, but red, which gives 90% of its red appearance. The other 10% of redness that you see comes from the reflection of core material and the highly-polished spiral copper layer. We hope customers would like our wine-red Vermilion MKII, a much-improved version of the original Vermilion in all aspects.

You can see a list of connectors and sockets choices that you can choose here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
Price: $379.00
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AK120II + Fitear MH335DW + Beat Audio Vermilion
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My Digital Audio Devices:
My Digital Audio Player is AK120II.
The cable is Vermilion (balanced 2.5mm).
My earphone is Fitear MH335DW (normal).

Firstly,noise is an important matter for a portable digital audio player when you are walking.
I used the original cable at first. I didn't like it because the noise annoys me when I were walking. But there has been no noise since I started to use Vermilion as my cable.

The sound quality is good. So, I can hear the sound clearly.
Tone color is very nice when I listen to any kind of music. I am not tired if I listen to music for a long time.
To sum up, I think vermilion is a cable worth buying.

I'm Japanese. So, I'm sorry for my poor English.

A must have cable for high end in ear monitor.
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Firstly, this is my first time to order the cable from Beat Audio.

The build quality of the cable is perfect. It’s much better than other cable makers in the market.

This cable sound is very warm. It is very good for listening for female singer. It increases the singer emotion.

This cable can improve the sound stage. It increases the spacious feeling.

It does extend high and low tone.

It gives more details to me.

Overall I am very satisfied with this cable, and I am going to order a Prima Donna.

A Vermillion Miracle!

I have been an audiophile for some years now. After years of upgrades I finally settled with a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution. The soulful voice of current breed of SF speakers has an uncanny ability in transporting me right to the middle row of a performing concert.

I have started headphones recently with Audeze LCD-3 and a modified Fostex TH900 with Wywires Platinum Series. Just recently I purchased my first universal IEM and I picked UM Miracle purely for work travels. My past experience has proved cables makes a great deal of difference in the chain of audio fidelity. So without any hesitation I started searching for a complementary cable.

The search got me to Beat Audio. There wasn't much I can find about Beat Audio particularly on Vermillion in the internet. Neither did I have any chance auditioning one but I took a bet. I was searching a cable to add a little warmth, body and soul into Miracle yet retaining a wide soundstage.

I collected the Vermillion cable this morning and the packaging was a little disappointing but did the job. Once the plastic wraps are out of the way the box unique design and cables looks amazing. I installed it onto the Miracle and boy I was floored. The mid bass is fuller, mids sounds so much better, the imaging and separation is a notch up, a tad wider soundstage with much better micro dynamics, the highs are much more refined with no fatigue and the overall balance and tones is almost tube like sensation. It plays well across all genre of music and quite honestly i didn't expect this cable will match so well - it's exactly what I wanted, a miracle indeed.

I wholeheartedly recommend this upgrade...I have no graph or measurements but I have been around long enough to trust only my ears. Go have a listen if you ever have a chance to - it's worth a try.

Thanks and enjoy your tunes~

5 из 5!
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Сетап: SONY NW-WM1Z -> Vermilion (4.4,2.5) -> 64 Audio Tia Fourte
Великолепный кабель! Качественный, легкий. Завернут в двойную оплетку, никогда не разойдётся на 2 кабеля.
Играет заметно лучше стока от Tia ( не без помощи 4.4) ).
Рекомендую ✌️

Astounding Quality!

This is my first Beat Audio Lab cable, and it will not be my last. Price aside, this is an exceptionally made cable. Connectors fit my IEMs perfectly. Cable is not as stiff as pictures make it seem and exhibits no microphonics when worn. Comfort is great and cables hook well around and behind ears. Good job, guys!

Vermilion ordered with AKG N5005 connector and 3.5mm straight plug.

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