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Prima Donna MKII

The New Female Lead
Prima Donna MKII
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Hadal MKII

The New Blue
Hadal MKII

Our Mission

We at Beat Audio Lab provide premium upgrade cables for headphones and earphones to satisfy your audiophilic needs.

Quality Parts

We design and manufacture parts according to our superior standards. For example, our MMCX connectors have patented design and special copper material and gold-plating choices to ensure lasting usage. You won't be able to find better MMCX connectors anywhere else on the market.

From Our Engineer --

"Tuning can be an exhausting and frustrating task from time to time. To achieve great results, I need a pen, a piece of paper and a comfortable chair, all of which allow me to note down moments of wisdom during periods of relaxation. Every time I start to focus on tuning, I begin an acoustic adventure".