About Us

Brand Concept

Our team has been ever expending since 2006. We began with a couple of audio enthusiasts who want to provide that best quality custom earphone cables for audiophiles, both aesthetically and acoustically. As audiophiles ourselves, we understand what you are looking for in a premium cable like ours, and we keep that in mind and reflect those ideas in our designs. Extreme attention is given to every Beat Audio cable to ensure the one heart-racing experience with every connection you make. We want you not only to feel the beat in your music, but also feel the heartbeat of your soul.


Meaning Behind Our Brand Name

The “beat” in our Beat Audio emphasizes the tempo in music. Our founder is a locking dancer, so he chose this name in wanting our products to bring out the beats in the tunes.

We are aware that there’s a larger brand whose name is very close to ours, but the difference in our products and the target audience is entirely different. We hope there is no misunderstandings, and here, we clarify that we are in no way related to the other.


Design Language of Our Parts

In 2021, we are finally updating our design of all metallic parts for a fresh look after all these years using the traditional cylindrical ones for our connectors and plugs. Our design language was inspired by the idea of the window, which symbolizes how our perspective views the world. Each window is represented by a rectangle, and the layering of multiple rectangles translate to the idea of viewing the world through numerous perspectives, including the one that we are trying to present to you. We hope our beloved customers can have a fresh new perspective on their music with the tuning we are trying to achieve in your listening experience. So, our new design not only looks cool, but has embedded our goal in it.  


Purity Is Not Everything

Firstly, I want to clarify that the primary goal of our cables is to improve the listening experience. Thus, since we are selling aftermarket upgrade IEM cable, not jewelries, and definitely not buy silver or gold for the purpose of investment, we hope our customers can focus on the acoustic improvement that our cables can bring. Currently, a great portion of customers are using the purity of material as the sole or major factor in their purchase decisions. People like to see tags such as “99.9999999%” or “8N OFC”. Does that necessarily lead to good sound? No. In fact, there are many factors that play a role such as what sleeves are used, how the sleeves are applied, how each connection point is soldered, how are the threads braided, etc. Do we use crap material? Of course not. We believe everything is important, including the material used in each of our earphone cables.

Each type of material used in the threads have advantages and disadvantages, and we have done countless experiments to improve the material we use for a better and all-rounded sonic signature. For example, making high purity OCC cables is easy, but how to improve the sound of OCC by adding necessary elements is not because they are not readily available off the shelves. The end result would provide a superb copper sound without the disadvantages of the OCC material. That is just an example, and we play around with silvers too. We really want to make sure that you are buying high quality IEM cables to enjoy your music, not spending the money to buy the OCC or sterling silver inside the cable sleeves.

At this time, most of our cables are alloy cables with copper and/or silver as base material in conjunction with a complex mixture of other rare minerals. Imagine silver molecules as basket balls and copper molecules as softballs. In an alloy of silver and copper, there would surely be gaps, and to fill the gaps, we need smaller spheres such as tennis balls and golf balls. This concept of “filling the gap” has been enabling us to come up with innovative material composition for your incredible listening experience. 


Advantages of Our Cables

- We use material that sounds good, and not just looks good on paper.

- Attention was paid to sleeves for noise reduction and tangle-free experience.

- Most of our connectors and plugs are custom made to ensure durability and quality.

- Connectors are done by our specialized casting process to reduce human error.

- All earphone cables have pre-pent ear guides instead of memory wires to ensure comfort and easy wear. 




Japan - MixWave Inc.

China - 天域联达、耳机王、武汉沸谷、济南蝉音

Thailand - MunKong Gadget

Korea - The Sound Lab

Hong Kong - Right Shop Audio

Switzerland - Der Hörladen


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