The Cyclone is our fourth copper-based product after Bugle, Vermilion, and Thor, which have always been loved by audiophiles who prefer thick and warm signatures for the emotional involvement in music. This time, instead of a generic copper cable, we have once again outdone ourselves with the Cyclone for something more.

With thin OCC threads twisted into a thicker thread, multiples of these thicker threads were then twisted together to form an even thicker thread, which would be the base for each of our wires. The reason for these layers of structures would be to maximize the surface area of the copper material, ensuring the best quality and detailed signal output while maintaining a flexible cable body.

It would be very un-Beat for us to use only OCC for the Cyclone because our philosophy never stresses the purity of materials. So, for an interesting twist, we are embedding a thin silver-copper alloy core inside each of the smaller sets of copper threads. This enhances the sensitive frequencies while not disturbing the overall copper tune.

More information about the design language of our new parts can be read on the About Us page.

4-wire or 8-wire?

The 4-wire option has the advantages of being more economical and lighter in weight.

The 8-wire option has fuller sound, larger soundstage and punchier bass while still feels amazingly soft and easy to use.

Ear Guides

All of our IEM cables have pre-bent earguides by default. There are no wires inside as the ear guide is shaped by ourheat shrink sleeve to eliminate the possibility of oxidation of the metallic memory wires. If you do not want any ear guide, please contact us.


The default length of our IEM cables is about 1.2 meters, while headphone cables are around 1.5 meters. If other lengths are needed, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Around the base structure, we have two flat OCC ribbons in the form of a double helix. It is worth mentioning that each ribbon was first flattened from thin copper rods with high pressure, laser-cut into uniform width, then treated in a copper ion solution. In the solution, vibrations and polarization are happening simultaneously, polishing as well as filling dents on the surface for an impeccable result of shininess as one can observe through the translucent outer sheath. Of course, we are not only doing that for the attractive appearance, but also for the smoothness of sound that the flat ribbons bring to the cable, bridging all frequencies together in harmony. Once the ribbons are out of the solution, we then blasted high-purity oxygen over them to form an extremely thin layer of oxidation, which acts as a barrier to help with the negative impacts of sound brought by the static charges from the outer layers of the cable sheath.

Naturally, the Cyclone also comes with our latest translucent sheath, providing a flexible and tangle-free experience with a comfortable touch. The Cyclone is ideal for those who seek a copper-sounding cable with great treble, smooth vocal, punchy bass, and an overall warm sound. This is a copper-based cable, yet not a simple copper-based cable. We are proud to present the Cyclone as it uses our accumulated knowledge of making great cables for the past decade.

Plug and Connectors

The options listed in the drop-down menu are only some of the most common ones. If you have something that are not listed in the options, we probably have it as well.

You can see more information about options here.

If you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

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