Hadal MKII


When the original Hadal was just released, I thought it was the best-looking cable we could ever make, but then there were the Emerald MKII and Astrolabe that outdid the Hadal. After some experimenting, we proudly present you the Hadal MKII, a blue cable that is even more stunning than before.



4-wire or 8-wire?

The 4-wire option has the advantages of being more economical and lighter in weight.

The 8-wire option has fuller sound, larger soundstage and punchier bass while still feels amazingly soft and easy to use.

Ear Guides

All of our IEM cables have pre-bent earguides by default. There are no wires inside as the ear guide is shaped by ourheat shrink sleeve to eliminate the possibility of oxidation of the metallic memory wires. If you do not want any ear guide, please contact us.


The default length of our IEM cables is about 1.2 meters, while headphone cables are around 1.5 meters. If other lengths are needed, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Why the Hadal MKII sounds better.

The inner cable core of the second generation uses six groups of 7 threads forming a layered spiral structure that allows better sound and flexibility. Sonically, comparing with the original Hadal, the MKII has a wider soundstage and provides better coherency for different frequencies. The overall musicality and rhythmicality feel much better than the previous model.

Soft and Flexible

The Hadal MKII uses our latest 3rd generation isolating sheath, not only the malleability and transparency of the cable has been greatly improved, it can be easily straightened even after it has been rolled up for a long period.

Blue and Gold

We are also using our newest metallic cable choker for the Hadal MKII. Functionally, it is the same as our previous elastic rubber choker, but it is much more aesthetically pleasing as it resembles the same shape and texture as the Y-split metallicpart.

Story of our original Hadal.

As some of you may know, we have our original connector for charging both lightning and micro-USB devices. It was a fun attempt and for our laziness for not wanting to bring two cables on a trip. It never made to the market yet because we figured not many customers would want to spend a hefty sum on a 2-in-1 charging cable with HiFi-cable and audiophile quality soldering material just to charge their phones. Anyway, I was running out of those charging cables, so our lab friends made a few extra for me. Upon opening the package, a blue cable popped up infront of my eyes. I thought this is the cable I have been wanting for years, but I knew it can be done better.

After some discussion, we set our goal for the new cable to express the feeling of deep ocean blue with a mixture of light and dark blue since all blue is boring. We then even different shades of blue with white, and those blues with black, but none was satisfactory. After several failed attempts, we decided to ditch the plan of interweaving different colored cables and use the same hue for wires of braiding. After another round of trials, we came up with a special outer sheath that reflects light at a certain angle, and that gives the cable an almost ever-flowing effect for its therapeutic look. We were wowed by the final product, one that matches our original intent to convey the feeling of flowing oneself in ocean currents. It is simply the best-looking cable we have evermade back then.

Plug and Connectors

The options listed in the drop-down menu are only some of the most common ones. If you have something that are not listed in the options, we probably have it as well.

You can see more information about options here.

If you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

More than sound

To feel these handcrafted cables in person is an amazing experience.

Free shipping

We ship globally for free to any location on the planet.

Fast build time

The usualy building time is about one week after the order is placed.