Prima Donna MKII


The goal of Prima Donna MKII is simple, which is to improve our best seller while preserving its characteristic sound signature. The original Prima Donna has been sold for many years (perhaps 8 years), and its popularity has left a mark in the history of our products. Customers love the sound signature, and it looks good too. However, it's too old. To outdo ourselves, we have majorly improved the high frequency, soundstage, and many other aspects of the MKII. Along with the release of our Prima Donna MKII, we are also updating all metallic parts for a fresh look. More information about the design language of our new parts can be read on the About Us page.

4-wire or 8-wire?

The 4-wire option has the advantages of being more economical and lighter in weight.

The 8-wire option has fuller sound, larger soundstage and punchier bass while still feels amazingly soft and easy to use.

Ear Guides

All of our IEM cables have pre-bent earguides by default. There are no wires inside as the ear guide is shaped by ourheat shrink sleeve to eliminate the possibility of oxidation of the metallic memory wires. If you do not want any ear guide, please contact us.


The default length of our IEM cables is about 1.2 meters, while headphone cables are around 1.5 meters. If other lengths are needed, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

New formula for alloy

For sound, high frequency is hugely improved by about 20%. Soundstage improved by about 30%. Texture of bass improved by about 15%. Overall sound signature still feels like original Prima Donna, but all aspects are improved, especially high frequency and soundstage. To achieve this, one of the key alterations to the original formula is adding a small percentage of Zirconium into the alloy mixture. Zirconium helps to increase stability of the alloy. Ratio of other metals in the alloy has also been altered to make the cable sound better.

New internal structure

Previously, each wire in the original Prima Donna has 40 smaller threads rolled together. In MKII, we have 7 thinner threads to form a small structure. Each of these structures are isolated. Then, 14 of these isolated small structures become one wire of MKII inside its outer translucent sheath. This new structure helps greatly in improving the sound stage, so MKII has much better soundstage.

Better touch

The Prima Donna MKII increases in its silicon content in the outer sheath by about 5%, so the appearance is more translucent. Durability also increases while maintaining the same level of flexibility as the previous generation. The entire cable now feels less elastic, so it is easier to manage and less likely to tangle. Each wire is also slightly thicker, giving it a more comfortable and sturdier feel and look.

Plug and Connectors

The options listed in the drop-down menu are only some of the most common ones. If you have something that are not listed in the options, we probably have it as well.

You can see more information about options here.

If you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

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