Signal MKIII


We are proud to present our brand-new Signal MKIII which may surprise many in every aspect. To elevate the capability of capturing details, a combination of two different formulas of silver alloy intervals is employed, visually identifiable as brighter silver and charcoal black cores. Dealing with richly layered audio sources, the Signal MKIII demonstrates exceptional balance, enhancing separation by 30% compared to its predecessor without sacrificing details. This allows listeners to comfortably shift attention from one track to another. The midrange is rich, and the high frequencies smoothly extend, preventing the occurrence of instrument blending. At the central axis lies a pure copper low-frequency enhancement core, ensuring not only balanced separation but also powerful assurance in the low frequencies. The Signal MKIII presents a distinctly contoured and optimized profile, offering a sharp auditory experience within the realm of Beat Audio style.


Here's the description of Signal MKII:

The Signal MKII seems like a dull grey cable, but we put a lot of our effort into this new generation of Signal in terms of all aspects. The original Signal was one of our first cables that uses the alloy design by smelting copper and silver together instead of using silver-plated copper, which was a very common design. The Signal MKII replaces the original formula with silver and copper of higher purity and then pulls the alloy into ultra-thin threads using state-of-the-art technology to greatly improve its acoustic performance and suppleness. The Signal MKII has now become one of the softness cables that we have ever made, and we doubt we can make it even softer without sacrificing the number of threads in the cable.

With the implementation of higher purity material, sound stage, separation, details, and clarity have been greatly improved. The listening experience is now much more dynamic than before. Each note feels more vivid while the background remains dark and clear, which is even more obvious when listening to the more complex arrangements in the music, for example, grand orchestral tracks. Bass-wise, the second generation allows heavier punches with better texture while maintaining the speed of bass from the original Signal. The new Signal MKII also has better treble extension thanks to the new alloy.

Some may wonder why the MKII is grey. The original Signal actually had three colors, green, orange, and purple. For the sake of standardization, we added a black sheath over the colorful cores to hide its playful personality, which makes customers think Signal is just a boring black cable. We wanted to upgrade the Signal in terms of design as well, and we felt grey is a color of a higher class than the usual black. At the same time, grey is still a monochrome color that can be easily matched with any earphone without too much contrast.

4-wire or 8-wire?

The 4-wire option has the advantages of being more economical and lighter in weight.

The 8-wire option has fuller sound, larger soundstage and punchier bass while still feels amazingly soft and easy to use.

Ear Guides

All of our IEM cables have pre-bent earguides by default. There are no wires inside as the ear guide is shaped by ourheat shrink sleeve to eliminate the possibility of oxidation of the metallic memory wires. If you do not want any ear guide, please contact us.


The default length of our IEM cables is about 1.2 meters, while headphone cables are around 1.5 meters. If other lengths are needed, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Plug and Connectors

The options listed in the drop-down menu are only some of the most common ones. If you have something that are not listed in the options, we probably have it as well.

You can see more information about options here.

If you have any questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

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