Vermilion MKIII


Vermilion MKII was released in the summer of 2019, and customers have been loving its warm sound, affectionate appearance, and soft body. Four years have passed, and it is time for an upgrade. Our MKIII has basically doubled the structure of the MKII by having two smaller structures in each wire. Each small structure is made up of a group of thin copper alloy threads twisted together with a spiral around it. By doing so, each wire now has 40% more threads and 100% more spiral, giving the alloy material more surface area for conductivity.

In terms of material, we have made upgrades as well. A new composition of elements has been implemented on the copper alloy that is used for each thin thread, resulting in a significant improvement in the mid and high frequencies. The material of the copper spiral is of high-purity single crystal copper, and the shininess comes from its sonic-polished surface, expensive but beautiful, providing smooth and powerful bass.

In terms of sonic performance, the new Vermilion MKIII has greatly surpassed its predecessor in basically all aspects. One significant improvement is its bass, which has more power and depth than before. You will also feel a larger soundstage as a side effect. For the mid and high frequencies, we have achieved better clarity while maintaining softness for those who enjoy extended periods of music listening with less fatigue.

As for the appearance, Vermilion MKIII continues to be red in color for its name. It looks more complicated than before because each wire now has two spiral structures instead of one, reflecting light at different angles. The cable also uses our newest metallic parts for a chic look. The body of the MKIII cable is also softer and more tangle-free than its predecessor because of our improved sleeve material, which is the same as the ones used for Billow MKII. You can feel the cable’s amazing softness and flexibility at your fingertips.

Here's the description of Vermilion MKII:

Our first-generation Vermilion was a success with its warm copper sound and its red beauty and surpassing it took us six years. Its successor, Vermilion MKII, uses our advanced metallurgic technology of smelting high purity single crystal copper with other elements to create a special copper-based alloy in which all particles are equally distributed for the best acoustic properties. A special tube is then wrapped around dozens of these alloy threads for stability and isolation from the outside atmosphere. However, that’s not all. Single crystal copper was being compressed by tons of pressure into tape-like sheaths that wrap around the core in a spiral pattern for additional signal conduction, similar to the silver spiral sheath found in our Supernova MKII. This spiral copper layer creates a soft and warm effect to reduce the peaks and sibilants in your soundtracks as well as a more natural and larger soundstage compared to the first generation. Why are we doing all this work with the Vermilion MKII? The inspiration comes from the sound of vinyl records, and we believe that we achieved it in this Vermilion MKII.
The outmost layer uses the same ultra-soft sheath material as our other cables such as the Billow and the Prima Donna. This time, the sheath is not clear, but red, which gives 90% of its red appearance. The other 10% of redness that you see comes from the reflection of core material and the highly-polished spiral copper layer. We hope customers would like our wine-red Vermilion MKII, a much-improved version of the original Vermilion in all aspects.

4-wire or 8-wire?

The 4-wire option has the advantages of being more economical and lighter in weight.

The 8-wire option has fuller sound, larger soundstage and punchier bass while still feels amazingly soft and easy to use.

Ear Guides

All of our IEM cables have pre-bent earguides by default. There are no wires inside as the ear guide is shaped by ourheat shrink sleeve to eliminate the possibility of oxidation of the metallic memory wires. If you do not want any ear guide, please contact us.


The default length of our IEM cables is about 1.2 meters, while headphone cables are around 1.5 meters. If other lengths are needed, please contact us for alternative arrangements.

Plug and Connectors

The options listed in the drop-down menu are only some of the most common ones. If you have something that are not listed in the options, we probably have it as well.

You can see more information about options here.

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